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Saturday the 14th, Disturbance Demo

2010-08-05 23:43:37 by Manuel-Dangelo

EDIT: sory guys, the submission is posposed

Hey pplz:

This winter break has been quite a productive period, but the most important thing goes first. I've fjust finished the demo version of "Disturbance", the videogame in which SyndromeGames and I've being working since... about new year... I guess.
The game is a basic plataformer + puzzle with an acceptable story, and I've putted a lot of effort on art and animation, so hope you to like it, be sever with the reviews and generous with the scoring.
How ever, even if it's all ready, I'll keep it holding until august the 14th (about 16:00 gtm 0, 13:00 gtm -3 Bs.As. or 11:00 gtm-5 east coast.) to have you all here for the official release. submission will be made on two parts: intro (short animation) as one submission, and Demo (the game itself) as the other submission. Mostly because of a problem with FPS rate while developing.

Secondly. I've finally finished the animatic for the Music video ManuelBerja begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting and I are going to do. This is the first serious step and I can't show much so far yet I'm sure you'll love it. Promise.

Although my lil sis and I have managed to acquire a "medeli mc70" electronic keyboard for just USD 200!!! (you wish you were that lucky) it's totally new (not the model, just the keyboard) and I've already started to record with it so I'll try to hit the A-portal periodically since now.

Last but not least, My family and I have been out for a week. We went to IguazĂș falls. God be blessed, man! There are no words to explain it and pictures are just not enough. You have to go see it by yourself.

Remember, Saturday the 14th.

Saturday the 14th, Disturbance Demo


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2010-11-16 02:01:03

waiting for animatic. :)


2015-07-29 17:27:08